How to Get to Where You Want to Be –
and Become Everything You Ever Wanted!


Our Course
  • So, what is our Course and how exactly how does it work?
  • We at The Self Development College are dedicated to guiding and inspiring you to achieving all that you want in your life, your career, your relationships – in fact, in all areas of your life.
  • We do this principally through our life-changing Course entitled How to Get to Where You Want to Be – and Become Everything You Ever Wanted!
  • This ground-breaking, powerful and mind-opening Course is presented over two consecutive Saturdays and delivered directly into your hands, online, in the comfort of your own home. That means no travel costs, no accommodation fees, no traffic congestion, no unexpected expenses.
  • Our Course is delivered to you live in ten modules over four half-day sessions of life-transformational content. That Course content draws on decades of international research, the teachings of the greatest minds in the personal development fields, and incorporates both the revelations of today’s cutting-edge advances in the mind-sciences and life-success fields as well as fundamental truths enshrined in ancient inherited wisdom.
  • You will be uplifted and inspired by our Course and will feel countless times better about yourself and so much more positive and confident about the future and what you want to achieve.
  • We guarantee that you will be overjoyed at taking your place in what is a truly life-enriching experience, one that will open your eyes and your mind to possibilities of which you may never have even dreamed.
  • Our teacher-mentors have decades of experience in teaching the profound practices and science of successful living and have assisted countless individuals, organisations and groups to discover the path to a better life.
  • Our sincere pledge to you is that we will do everything we can to assist you to discover the powerful purposes of your life and to help you release the power within you so that you can accomplish all that you want.
  • This exciting Course has been highly praised by experts in the field of personal development and countless former graduates. Based on scientific principles and proven practices, it unlocks the secrets of a fulfilled and happy life – and it can do precisely that for you.
  • So, why not come with us – RIGHT NOW! - on this journey of revelation and self-empowerment? Learn how, despite whatever challenges you believe you confront right now, you can make this the year in which you embark on accomplishing the success and fulfilment to which you have always aspired.

Remember, if you really want to make it come true, it’s up to YOU!

This unique, life-changing Course clearly and expertly teaches you the powerful and essential philosophy, principles and techniques to dramatically improve your understanding of how you create your life and how you can achieve the life and accomplishments you truly seek.

Our Course fully equips you to achieve new levels of achievement and performance in your life, you career and your relationships - and help you to realise your full potential.

Our Course gives you the answers to some of the most profound life-challenging questions, including ‘how can I be happy and successful and get the most out of my life, my career, my relationships?’ and ‘Am I truly entitled to success?’ – and others.

Use the power of your mind and the comprehensive wealth of life-transformational wisdom, techniques and inside knowledge delivered in this Course! 


✔ The secrets of being happy and becoming a source of joy and positivity in the lives of those around you

✔ How helping others helps YOU to become what you want to be

✔ How your future will be the consequence of the choices you make this very day!

✔ How to discover your TRUE purpose in life – and unerringly follow that path to its happy and successful conclusion

✔ 10 powerful guidelines to discover the real reason you are on this earth

✔ The answer to the ONE life-question that opens the door to answering ALL the others

✔ The 7 fundamental questions you MUST ask – and answer – in order to get to where you want to be in life

✔ How to tap into the awesome and limitless power of your mind

✔ The top 10 mistakes in life we can easily make - and how to ensure YOU avoid them

✔ How to develop and demonstrate supreme confidence in your life, your career and your relationships

✔ What the latest revelations in the science of success mean for you

✔ How to find the right answers to some of life’s most powerful questions

✔ How to unleash the power of CLEAR PERSONAL GOALS in your life – and know that they are right for you

✔ What your body language and non-verbal behaviour tell others about you

✔ Secret techniques that will motivate you, day in, day out, to create a compelling, inspiring future

✔ The life-empowering ‘Habits of Success’ - and how to apply them

✔ The ONE thing you must change in your life to guarantee your success

✔ The timeless, all-powerful ‘Laws of a Successful Life’

✔ A PROVEN way to change the limiting belief-systems that hold you back

✔ The vital principles of how to create abundance in your life

✔ The 10 Commandments you must obey if you want an inspired, powerful and successful life

- And so much more...

Some of the issues we examine in our Course…

✔ Why YOU are as worthy of success and happiness as anyone who ever walked the earth

✔ Is it true that the life you lead results from choices you have made in the past?

✔ Why the amazing power of choice allows you to decide any time – such as right NOW – to change your life and your future and reach for what you truly want

✔ Ask yourself - are you GENUINELY ready to make one small positive change in your life?

✔ How and why YOU design and create your life – even if you think you don’t

✔ Defining what true success and happiness means for you

✔ What precisely ARE you looking for in your life?

✔ The nature of being and the interconnectedness of all life

✔ One of our subconscious needs: the search for meaning

✔ How you can clearly establish the purpose of YOUR life

✔ What are the hallmarks of TRUE success?

✔ The very best practices for successful daily living

✔ Why love is one of the cornerstones of a fulfilled life

✔ Ridding your life of destructive toxic influences

✔ Profound lessons from extraordinary lives.

✔ Discover the vital and liberating consequences of asking powerful questions

✔ Why and how you attract what you think about most often

✔ Most people are preoccupied with what they DON’T want

✔ The timeless natural laws that unfailingly shape your life

✔ The life-changing elements of the manifestation process

our Course
Some of the issues we examine in our Course…

✔ Gratitude: one of the greatest powers in the universe

✔ Identify the ONE most important outcome you want in life

✔ How your thoughts today shape your world of tomorrow

✔ What precisely are the ‘Laws of Life’?

✔ What science says about the effects of thought on matter and the circumstances of your life

✔ Make this one decision and everything works for you

✔ Why you should move ‘upstream’ from those who take your energy

✔ Learn the secrets to manifesting your ideal life

✔ Why a life of abundance is right for you - and how to create it

✔ A vital question: if there were no limitations, and you were guaranteed to succeed, what would you choose?

✔ The significance of the laws of cause and effect – and what we mean by them

✔ What is mindfulness? Does it help you get to where you want to go?

✔ How to go deep within yourself and discover a new and powerful you

✔ The magic of your mind and how to make it work for you

✔ Overcoming stress, anxiety and depression

✔ The day-to-day techniques of how you to achieve the goals and objectives that are meant for you

✔ What your thoughts, dreams and fantasies reveal about you

✔ The Laws of Success that govern your future

✔ How the experience of joy and the beauty of bliss brings us to places of which we may never have dreamt

✔ The key characteristics of truly happy people


Some of the issues we examine in our Course…


This life-changing Course shows you how to journey to the essence of your being, and guides you on the path to personal enlightenment, helping you to become the person you were always meant to be. It teaches you how to achieve joy in your life and how to experience the world in an enriched and powerful new way.

Be 100% certain - this profoundly inspirational Course, drawing on the best of today’s scientific discoveries about the science of the mind and on decades of research, training and mentoring with some of the world’s most renowned Teachers, helps you to transform your life and achieve what you want.

Our Course takes place over two consecutive Saturdays

Saturday the 5th of June

Saturday the 12th of June

  • The Course is presented online on Zoom and, when you enrol, your personal invitation and relevant Course details and Course schedule are automatically issued to you by email.
  • On each Saturday there are FOUR SESSIONS, two in the morning and two in the afternoon.
  • Morning Sessions takes placefrom 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m., afternoon Sessions from 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

PLUS! PLUS! PLUS! Some additional BONUSES for You!

  • When you have completed 'How to Get to Where You Want to Be – and Become Everything You Ever Wanted’ you will receive, absolutely FREE –
  • A signed and personalised Certificate of Completion bearing your name and the name of the Course;
  • A free E-book entitled How to Get to Where You Want to Be – and Become Everything You Ever Wanted! containing a full summary of the Course – and including lots of other material written and designed to help you fulfil all of your life’s aspirations;
  • PLUS, you will also receive a Voucher offering you a 25% discount off the cost of our next inspirational, life-changing Course, details of which will be announced following the conclusion of the Course described above. This non-transferable voucher represents a value to you of €99.

The power to change your life is in your hands!
Why not enrol right now? You will never regret it!
Your total investment, for all of the above, is €295

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